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Slim Guard

Low profile, slim and rapid draining gutter protection

Slim and Effective

Our most slim and fast gutter guards yet, able to maintain a low profile while rapidly draining water. Mass perforation allows for foliage and other obstructions to stay out of the gutter system, preventing gutter clogs.    

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Effective Anti Clog Design

Our Slim Guard's body has been designed with the sole intention of absolute anti-cloggage. The base profile is ribbed to prevent any of the following from entering into your gutter systems.

  • All types of leaves
  • Pine and fir needles
  • Conifer cones
  • Tree Branches
  • Pest Nesting

Our Fastest Draining Guard Yet

Slim Guard is our fastest draining guard to date due to the water diverting and slowing design. The front-end perforations drain water instantaneously, breaking down any momentum carried. All residual water will then be drained through the secondary drop, allowing for complete drainage. 

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Engineered Purpose

Slim Guard has been developed over the span of 4 years to allow for the best possible design while maintaining the lowest profile possible. This has lead to the optimal design that allows for all three of the criteria of a low profile, anti clog capability and rapid drainage to be met.


Made from 027 gauge coated aluminum OR 16 oz copper
• Fits all 5 Inch and 6 Inch gutters
• Comes in Dark Bronze or High Gloss White
• 20 Year Warranty
• Installed onto the lip of the gutter and onto the fascia board

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