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Micro-Mesh leaf Filter Gutter Protections

Moss growing and debris collected with competitor’s micro-mesh design

The filter-type gutter protection system is the finest micro-mesh gutter guard on the market today. In most cases, rainfall alone is insufficient to keep it clean. Still, there may be instances where cleaning/maintenance will require cleaning/maintenance: light winds should remove most surface debris (due to the slope of the product), but if waste is wet or compressed, higher winds may be required to effect shedding. We do recommend an occasional washing of the mesh using clean water from a garden hose. Using a soft-bristled car wash style brush is ideal for augmenting this effort. A mild surfactant of degreaser can also be used during this maintenance. Mildew or mold can collect on all types of building products if not cared for correctly. These conditions can be eradicated by utilizing A 1 Part bleach and a 3 part water solution during the maintenance above. Rinse thoroughly after use and do not exceed the recommended concentration of these cleaners. To do so may cause irreparable damage to the product. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for their cleaning compounds. Caulking compounds, tar, and similar substances can leach from some roofing materials, and mesh clogging may occur. To remove these substances, use reasonable amounts of mineral spirits applied directly to the foreign substance. Test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure product finish is not compromised.

Manufacture Proper Care/ Maintenance Recomendetion


Drop-in Gutter Protections

Drop-in gutter protection warrants to you, the purchaser, that when installed in the manner specified by GutterRx, the product will keep gutters from becoming clogged and overflowing as a result of the interior of the channel and downspouts are filling with debris, such as leaves, twigs, needles, and seeds. Airborne stains, mold and mildew accumulation, surface deterioration due to air pollution, harmful chemicals;


Gutter Foam

WHAT DOESN'T THIS WARRANTY COVERl This Warranty does not cover: damage of any kind resulting from faulty or improper installation; damage of any kind resulting from water flow caused by the removal of debris located in areas where air cannot lift away debris. such as a sheltered roof area or overhang on a shallow pitched roof; changes in surface color resulting from chalking, fading, soiling, or staining (exposure to the elements may cause changes over time; the degree to which weathering on: urs will vary depending on air quality, the building's location and other local conditions over which we have no control); accidental damage; settlement; structural shrinkage or distortion of the property; fire; lightning, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, earthquake, hail or other acts of God; harmful chemicals (including harmful cleaning compounds and pesticides); fumes or vapors; surface deterioration due to air pollution; misuse or abuse; vandalism; airborne stains. mold and mildew accumulation; any cost or expense incurred to clear any blockage or obstruction which is determined to be below grade; the impact of foreign objects; warping or distortion due to exposure to exceS5ive heat sources (e.g., barbecue grills) or exposure to unusual or exceS5ive reflective heat sources (e.g., skylight or window reflection, roofing materials, pools. decks. blacktop or concrete materials); products that have been painted or whose surface has been altered in any waywithoutwritten authorization from TMJ; damage of any kind resulting from failure to undertake care and maintenance of Product as provided for in the attached warranty document