How it works

Guttershell uses the principles of water tension and the adhesive quality of water. This is what allows for our famous ‘double-drop design. When water flows down onto our gutter protection, the water molecules cling to the surface in defiance of the forces of gravity.

 This means that rainwater will adhere to the “S” design of Guttershell. Most of the water will flow into the first “drop” (also called a “nose”). The water that does not flow into the first drop can then pour into the other fall (2nd nose).

Protect the gutters that Protect Your Roof Edge

Gutter Shell is attached firmly to your existing or new gutters and custom-formed to match them. The back edge slides under the first or second row of shingles for an attractive finished appearance. 

Guaranteed to Never Clog We Behind Our Product

When Properly Installed
Your gutter and our gutter protection never get a clog.
Our product keeps your roof edge and your fascia board dry stops rotting fascia board