What Are Gutter Covers? Gutter covers are … generally made of plastic or metal with the main purpose of keeping leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters.

How Are Gutter Covers
Installed By A

If you are a homeowner… and attempting the installation on your own, you will generally
find no application instructions provided, either at the place of purchase or on the
respective manufacturers website.

GAF suggests… that homeowners do not attempt to install gutter covers themselves unless
they can obtain installation instructions from the gutter cover manufacturer.  Instead, it
may be best to have gutter covers installed by a professional installer who is familiar with
good roofing practices.

What If They Are
Installed By Professional

Most professional installers… of gutter covers have their own specific application
instructions that must be followed to obtain the maximum benefit of the gutter cover. In
almost all instances the products are installed in accordance with good roofing practices
and do not have an impact on the roofing manufacturer’s warranty.
What To Avoid? In general… Avoid installing gutter covers when the application instructions require the

ƒ penetrating the shingle with a fastener, to hold the cover in place
ƒ removal and replacement of shingles for installation
ƒ removal and elimination of drip edges
ƒ installation under the underlayment
Also, avoid…
ƒ placing the cover under the felt underlayment
ƒ significant bending of the shingles during installation

Does Installing Gutter
Covers Affect Me

No… The GAF Limited Warranty only covers manufacturing defects of the shingles, and
does not cover the gutter covers or damage due to their installation.

Where Can I Get More

GAF Technical Services can assist you… with these and other questions you may have regarding your new roof installation.  GAF Technical Services can be contacted at 800‐ROOF‐411 (800‐766‐3411).  Also, the GAF website is a great resource for just about any
question you may have or for additional information you may require.  Please visit: