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Absolute foliage denial gutter guard, made to prevent all types of clogs.

Absolute Foliage Denial

Introducing Leafout, our absolute foliage denial gutter guard system. Made for foliage dense environments with the sole purpose of preventing large obstructions entering the gutter system.

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Patented Anti Clog System

Guttershells unique design was created with every type of foliage in mind. It successfully deters and reroutes every type of basic foliage such as
  • All types of leaves
  • Pine and fir needles
  • Conifer cones
  • Tree Branches
  • Pest Nesting

Quick Drainage Speed

Drains rain and other liquids at rapid speeds, preventing overshoots from water even at high rates. Can uphold drainage throughout the heaviest of storms due to the overall design and perforation sizing.

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Thumbnail Setup-Camera 2.png

Single Drop System

Single drop system allows water to drain into the gutters through the use of surface tension while denying any foliage from entering into the system.


Made from 027 gauge coated aluminum OR 16 oz copper
• Universal sizing (Fits all gutter sizes and types)
• Full range color variety
• Lifetime Warranty (See Warranty Page)
• Installed onto the lip of the gutter and under the roofing
• Rated for all roof types

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