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Heavy duty

Low-profile, heavy duty gutter protection

Strong and Out of Sight

Our strongest low profile gutter guard yet, able to maintain an out of sight design while withstanding moderate to heavy foliage drops. Installs onto the fascia board to maximize strength with a low profile view.

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Withstands Heavy Foliage

Our Heavy Duty guard is able to withstand heavy blows to the body of the system whilst maintaining its intended drainage speed. This aswell allows all foliage to be denied entry to the gutter system.
  • All types of leaves
  • Pine and fir needles
  • Conifer cones
  • Tree Branches
  • Pest Nesting

Rapid Drainge Speed

Mass perforations run across the body of the guard, allowing for rapid drainage straight into the gutter system below. Spaced to deny the smallest of clog build ups while retaining drainage speed.

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Designed to Last

Double drop system allows water to drain into the gutters through the use of surface tension while denying any foliage from entering into the system. Our unique design has been serving the world for over 15+ years and has had minimal adjustments due to its flawless efficiency ratings.


Made from 027 gauge coated aluminum OR 16 oz copper
• Fits all 5 Inch and 6 Inch gutters
• Comes in Dark Bronze or High Gloss White
• 20 Year Warranty
• Installed onto the lip of the gutter and onto the fascia board

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