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 Gutter Shell Gutter Protection System

1420 North Cullen Avenue  Evansville, IN 47715


Fair Prices on Your Exterior Maintenance Work

Head’s Construction is a family-owned business. They have been serving the Tri-State for 20 years now. When Jeff Head started Head’s Construction, he started out with only $50. And tape measure in his pocket. Since he started, Head’s Construction has double in size every year. When Jeff Head is not running his company, he is out teaching aerobics at the YMCA and at Fitness World here in Evansville in Indiana. Head’s Construction is the largest Home Improvement Company in the Tri-State area. They have won 2010 GAF Roofer of the Year Award, With our 8 crews to serve our customers, a safe work record plus we provide the most permits, the team at Head’s  Construction will work hard for you and your family.


At Head’s Construction, we are proud of our impeccable reputation, great customer service, and satisfaction. There is no better choice than Head’s Construction


We want to thank everyone for making Head’s Construction the ‘Evansville Courier won the Reader’s Choice Platinum Award for the last 5 years running. Our customers are number one with us and Thank you for making us the number one in the Tri-State

Unlike other remodeling companies that don’t mind having their customers call them back every few years to redo the same job, we provide permanent home improvement solutions to our customers. We use the Gutter Shell gutter protection system to protect homeowners against leaks, clogs and other damage.

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