What do I do if I need a new roof?


Because of the method of installation, your gutter protection should be removed before your old roof is taken off and your new roof installed.  Proper installation is critical to your gutter protection’s performance, so it is important that the product is taken off and re-installed by the authorized retailer that originally installed the product.  Your authorized retailer will also clean the gutters of any leftover roofing material before your gutter protection is re-installed.  Now there may be a service charge associated with this work, much like there would be if you needed a satellite dish removed from your roof before a new roof is installed.


Why do I get icicles when I never had them before?


Icicles are not caused by your gutter protection; in fact, icicles are an indication that your gutter protection is working.  Here’s what happens: as you know, heat rises.  If you have inadequate insulation in your attic and/or little or no ventilation in your roof, the heat from your home rises and heats up the attic area.  That heat then warms the roof and with the help of the sun, starts to melt the snow sitting on your roof.  As the water trickles down, it comes in contact with the cold aluminum of the gutter protection and re-freezes.  Eventually, those small trickles of water become icicles.  But remember, without gutter protection, where would that water go?  Into your gutter where it would re-freeze, build up and add considerable weight to the gutter, which could cause the gutter to pull away from the fascia or gutter board.


What is ice damming and what causes it?


An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of the roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof.  The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas.  Ice damming is caused by different temperatures in different areas of your roof.  Remember how we talked about icicles above and what causes them?  Well, the same theory applies with an ice dam.  Heat loss from the home causes the snow on the roof to melt and then re-freeze when it rolls down the roof and hits the cold aluminum of the gutter or gutter protection.  So how do you prevent ice damming?  Adequate insulation in your home preventing the warm, moist air from flowing into and heating up the attic.  Also, the roof’s ventilation will help in maintaining uniform roof temperatures.  You can find additional information on the internet simply by typing in “ice damming.”


I was told that attaching the gutter guard to my roof will void my shingle warranty or allow my roof to leak.  Is that true?


The gutter protection is attached to deck screws, not nails, and those screws are then covered with a protective sealant.  It will NOT void your shingle warranty.  But don’t believe us – ask the shingle manufacturers.  Two of the largest shingle manufacturers in the United States answer that question.


How does it work?


It’s a principle of physics.  When it rains the water runs down your roof and over the gutter protection.  The water then goes right around the specially designed nose of the product, right into your gutter.  Try this: take a glass of water and hold it over the sink.  Now slowly tilt the glass until the water starts running over the side.  What’s the water do?  It runs down the side of the glass before it drops off into the sink.  Same thing here.


Do you have colors that match my roof or gutter?

We have a variety of colors that will match almost any roof or gutter.


What does the product warranty cover?


Gutter Shell carries a lifetime, limited transferable performance warranty and a 20-year materials warranty.  There are some terms and conditions, as in any warranty.


Work on any type of roof or gutter?


In most cases, Gutter Shell can be installed on any type of roof or gutter.  The product was designed to work with all types of roof designs and gutter systems.  To be sure, contact the local Gutter Shell representative in your area.